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The Picture Problem

In just about every house, there's an old shoebox filled with family pictures. You know the people in the snapshots; there's grandma, and there's dad as a kid. If you're lucky, there are pictures going back a couple of generations. If you're even luckier, some relative recorded the names of the people in the pictures.

Old photo with names written in pencil on the back

If you're unlucky, a future generation could open up that shoebox, and discover they don't recognize the faces. And now, in the new digital world, the problem is even worse — you can't write a name on the back of a jpeg image!

What about Facebook?

After all, once you upload your pictures to Facebook, you tag people, and you're done, right? But what happens when someone downloads that picture to print it? All those tags are gone. And even if your picture had originally been named "MomAndDad1974.jpg," Facebook will have renamed it to something useless like "5565_1772316386_n.jpg."

The Solution

The good news is that this problem was foreseen, and the people who created the JPEG standard for digital pictures created special areas in the file to store information. There are widely-used ways of organizing this information which will probably be usable for many future generations. Today, many apps will let you read and write this metadata.

But Wait...

Even after you've loaded names into the picture metadata, there's still a wrinkle. When you email some pictures to your aunt Hazel, will she be able to find the names? Will you need to talk her through installing apps on her computer?

The Better Solution!

Using this site, you get the best of both worlds. We load your information into the industry standard fields, but we also create a caption for the picture. The names become part of the picture!

Digital photo with embedded information and a caption

Sound Good?

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